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What to Expect

Welcome to Politis Family Family Chiropractic! We are proud to offer you a truly individualized chiropractic experience. Dr. Galen sees one patient at a time in order to offer you the best and fullest care and attention.
We see all types of patients, from newborns on their way home from the hospital to our oldest patient who is 100 years old — and everyone in between. Dr. Galen even adjusted a few children in utero.

Dr. Galen adjusting a young girls neck.

Dr. Galen enjoys working with patients of all ages.

We have a two visit new patient process. During the first visit, we get to know you; during the second visit you get to know how chiropractic can help you.

The First Visit

When you arrive to our office Lauri Byrnes, the face and voice of the office, will greet you and help answer any questions you may have. Lauri is a mother of 5, a part-time college student pursuing a degree in social work, loves horses and is a great photographer – and she’s a great supporter of chiropractic.

Your new patient forms are available here online for you to fill out at home; they are also available in the office for you to fill out here, if you prefer.

New Patient Intake Form

Upon arriving we will go over the paperwork with you, take your height, weight and blood pressure and prepare you for the Insight Millennium Scan (a spinal scan).

You’ll be welcomed into the private patient room where Dr. Galen will go over your case history with you and give you an introduction to chiropractic care and philosophy. Then you will undergo the spinal scan.

Depending on the information from the scan, we will make a mutual decision whether or not to go forward. The next step for most patients is an X-ray done in the office. (The taking of X-rays is case dependent; not all patients need X-rays.)

The first visit is approximately an hour and a half in length.

The Second Visit

On the second, visit Dr. Galen will share his findings and his recommendations with you. He will put it together in a package for you of what he’s found, what he’s gathered from the scans, how it connects with what you told him, and what he feels would be the best way to proceed. Then it’s your choice to continue from there. If you do choose to continue care with us, he will adjust you that day and start your care.

Continuing Your Chiropractic Care

Choosing to continue care after completing the recommended care plan is always up to the patient. We will ask you during the first visit what you want from us and we tailor what we offer you according to this. As you can gather from our goals and mission statement, we are interested in helping you maintain optimal health throughout your life.

Whether you’d like to come in for the short term or the long term, we are here for you. Contact us to schedule an appointment and start living a healthier life today.

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